McDonalds Announces that McWow Burger Has 3 Amazing Ingredients


CHICAGO The McDonalds Corporation is proud to announce their newest addition to their meals menu.

Sonora Cahoots, a reporter with BuzzFuzz, stated she talked to the franchise’s head of recent meals menu objects director, Suzi Tottytill.

She knowledgeable her that their new McWow burger goes to turn out to be the preferred hamburger, not solely within the USA, however in each nation that has McDonalds eating places.

Miss Tottytill, who’s engaged to a Chicago Black Hawks pro-hockey participant, identified that Mickey D meals chemists have been in a position to develop a brand new hamburger that has 3 of the 14 Ingredients which can be discovered within the new Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine.

Tottytill, identified that for the subsequent two weeks, anybody buying a McRib, a McFlurry, or a McTaco, will have the ability to get the brand new McWow, for simply 15 cents.

The CEO of McDonalds divulged that after the two-week promotion ends, the McWow will promote for $9.95, which goes to be a discount, since it’s going to embody the 3 COVID-19 vaccine elements.

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