Three Kings Visited Jesus After His Birth (4/8)

Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar, three lords from the east, are said to have traveled out far to see Baby Jesus, following an extraordinarily huge, splendid star and pulling endowments of gold, frankincense and myrrh alongside them. Too bad, as per the Bible this is one more Christmas miss, notwithstanding the presence of a threesome of king figurines in all nativity sets.

The Bible says magi came from the east, following a major star, and that they were searching for the King of the Jews. In any case, magi are wise men, not kings. Furthermore, the number of and names of the magi are never point by point anyplace recorded as a hard copy. Further, the Bible says the men showed up when Jesus was a small kid, not a baby, and they discovered him at home with his mother – not in a trough in a stable.

Researchers accept the men were likely astrologers  who showed up a year or more after Jesus’ birth. Since three gifts are recorded in the Bible, researchers likewise state it’s conceivable that over the long haul, individuals expected this implied there were three men. The legend of their names arose later, after a mosaic portraying the magi was made in the 6th century.

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