Chappad Phaad Ke | (3/11)

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Chappad Phaad Ke is an ironical gander at the industrialism and pietism that inundates us in our day by day lives, set in the foundation of a normal working class Maharashtrian family. The Gupchup family is featured by the exacting drill sergeant and ethically upstanding Sharad Gupchup, alongside his straightforward spouse Vaishali and their two small kids – Shubham and Ketaki. Troubled by the heap of satisfying the hopeful virtues Sharad so energetically guards, the Gupchups lead an existence of calm franticness. However, whenever the family risks upon a sack brimming with unclaimed money, adding up to crores, their lives are dove into a moral emergency, on how their common cravings and goals measure up what might be the proper activity.

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