DNA Database Use To Find Angie Dodge’s Killer (2/8)

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In 2014, Michael Usry, Jr. turned into a suspect in the homicide of Angie Dodge, a twenty-year-old wrongdoing. Through “familial looking” – a procedure where specialists have a network individuals supply DNA to be investigated by bigger information bases like Ancestry.com – Usry’s hereditary material was hailed as an individual of premium. Usry’s dad, Michael Sr., had provided his DNA quite a while prior for experts in Idaho. A halfway match with the senior Usry showed one of his family members could be the culprit. Doubt moved to Michael Jr.

Usry, a 36-year old producer who dealt with snuff movies, was living in New Orleans. After specialists found his DNA was a potential match to prove from Dodge’s demise, they addressed Usry and examined the hereditary material further. He was later cleared of crime yet his name will consistently be related with Dodge’s demise.

Angie Dodge’s passing remaining parts under scrutiny. She was sexually assaulted and wounded in her condo in 1996. Chris Tapp, the individual sentenced for the situation at first, was released from jail in 2017 after his DNA didn’t match those found at the crime scene.

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