Jesus Christ Was Born in Year Zero OR 1 BCE (7/8)

The order of Jesus’ birth has consistently been easily proven wrong by both religious and historical scholars. Modern calendar places his birth to the world at 2020 years prior (starting at 2020), both the Gospels of Luke and Matthew place his birth around the time King Herod the Great died. As most researchers concur, this occurred in 4 BCE, which would put Jesus’ birth around that time, potentially as late as 6 BCE.

It’s likewise conceivable to work in reverse utilizing a reference in the Gospel of Luke to put Jesus’ birth  around 30 years before his death, which is by and large viewed as having occurred in 33 CE. So that leaves a window of around seven to eight years in which Jesus might have been conceived – however most likely not in 1 BCE or a “year zero.”

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