Siblings That Resulted From Donated Sperm (7/8)

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Andrea Ramirez utilized a DNA test to find out about her Mexican family line. Her outcomes demonstrated that she wasn’t Mexican at everything except, considerably all the more stunning, she found that the man she called her father wasn’t her natural dad. At the point when Ramirez took a gander at the potential relatives in the 23andMe information base, she found a potential stepsister just as a stepbrother. Ramirez later discovered that her folks had utilized benefactor sperm for her conception. She connected with matches and discovered her stepsister, Jennifer Rose Jones, who had been conceived at the same clinic used by her. The DNA demonstrated the had a similar dad, what their identity is currently endeavoring to find. Ramirez’s other possible match, the male, still can’t seem to react to her endeavors to reach him.

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