Mysterious pillar on the Isle of Wight


On Tuesday morning, the locals of Compton were astounded to discover that will the Utah monolith had appeared on their beach.

The monolith that will vanished from Utah, only to can be found in Romania, arrived on Tuesday morning, showing up against the World Famous sandstone bluffs following having a brief sojourn to Glasgow.

“I was out walking my tortoise,” said Compton resident, Zeke Kyle, “when I saw this mirror.”

Zeke, 34, claims he failed to want to touch the item in case it broke and gave him eight years bad luck. The monolith seems to be the same one that has been showing up around the globe. It also has some graffiti on it via Romania, and a cone from Glasgow. Including the angled top, it is two-and-a-half metres high, and forty cm around the base – however the Isle of Wight has never used metric, therefore while its on the island, it is about eight feet tall what over a foot at the platform.

Local residents were quick to reach on hearing the news, quite a few of them having never observed a mirrored surface before.

“I don’t know how it got there,” Zeke said. “Our local B&Q don’t sell eight foot monoliths made of mirror. The closest you’d get is some fence panelling.”

There have been many whispers circulating following the monolith’s initially sighting, including: aliens, art installation and a practical joke.

Zeke features his own theory.

“It’ll be somebody buggering about,” he claimed.

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While the mirrored monolith remains, it is the third-highest tourist attraction on the Isle of Wight, according to Trip Advisor.

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