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14 One-Liners From ‘Chup Chup Ke’ That Prove It Was Rajpal Yadav’s Best Comic Role Ever.

One of the most loved movies directed by Priyadarshan is Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor starrer Chup Chup Ke.

The movie was praised by fans and critics for its humorous punchlines and stellar performances by the ensemble star cast.

While the movie is a fun ride, actor Shahid Kapoor has mentioned many times that he regrets being part of the movie.

The movie was released 14 years ago, still, fans remember the dialogues and scenes of the movie.

Well, it might not be Shahid Kapoor’s best performance in the movies but it is truly amazing to see Rajpal Yadav giving one of the career-defining performances as Bandya.

Each scene he featured in the movie was funny and memorable because of his dry jokes and one-liner.

Here, we curated some of the best dialogues from the movie Chup Chup Ke to prove the point that it is one of the best comic movies in Bollywood.

Sorry, Shahid Kapoor. We love you. No hard feelings.

1. One of the funniest scenes was the scene where Bandya was ordered to work for the Mangal’s house.

He polished shoes and then washed clothes. The irritated Bandya asked the number of the person in the family. “Iss Ghar Mein Kitne Log Rehte Hain?”… “Yahin Koi 15 se 20”… “Haan toh isse ghar kyu kehte hain, Zila kyu nahi ghoshit kar dete”

2. Surely the dialogue came out from his mouth instantly when he was continuously getting work after work. “Ye kiss tarah ke log hai… subah se sham tak kaam kaam kaam… khaana haram.”

3. The dialogue has a separate fan base as he compared himself with the soap. “Haan laane do laane do… baki logo ko bhi apne kapde laane do… padosiyon se bhi puch lo… ye sasta aur achcha saabun hai isiliye itni majdoori karwa rahe ho.”

4. While he was picking up clothes to wash he found out a big kurta. He asked the man in front of him. “Yeh Kurta Kis rakshas ka hai.” In the movie, Kurta belongs to Mangal played by Suniel Shetty.

5. Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav have given wonderful performances and shared many comic scenes in the movie.

One of the most iconic was “Kam se kam dusre ke ghar toh chaddhi pehen ke aana chahiye na”. It happened when Bandya volunteered to fight with Sheetal.

6. Another famous scene between Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav. “Aaj toh iss baat ka faisla kar hi daalte hain… sidhe chalte hai muchchad ke ghar… aur usse bolte hai ki naav wapis karta hai ki nahi”… phir muchchad bolega ki ‘naav wapis nahi karunga’… to ho gaya na faisla.”

7. Even though the dialogue sounds stupid to read but it was Rajpal Yadav’s portrayal of the character that made the dialogue super cool. “Iska photo kheench ke isko dikha ke isse puch lete hain ki ye kaun hai… tab toh ye batayega na ki ye kaun hai”

8. We have seen many actors stuttering, mumbling, and getting nervous while playing the character. Shah Rukh Khan’s K-K-K-K-Kiran became famous.

We believe Rajpal Yadav’s “Main Langotiya jeetu ka mara hua yaar hun” should also be included in these famous scenes.

9. It is a perfect one-liner many people use in their daily lives. Rajpal Yadav said the dialogue “Aap kuch bhi bolo ye nahi sunne wala” in a very active and charming way.

10. One of the most common dialogues we often heard when someone is too busy with his work. However, the same dialogue “Main koi bottle se nikla ua bhoot hun, ki ek ke baad ek kaam dete hi jaa rahe ho” sounds very comical from Rajpal’s mouth.

11. It was the best scene in the movie when Rajpal Yadav was washing clothes. He was hungry and asked for food in a very comical manner. He said, “Jo bhi laa rahi ho… do laana.” If you have watched the movie then you will understand the way he said was iconic.

12. The loaf of bread he got as the food was tight. He tried to eat it but failed. He responded, “Ye kis janwaar ki chamdi hai… Aari milegi? Woh mujhe itna majboot aur tikau khana khane ki aadat nahi hai.” Can’t believe, the screenplay was already written or Rajpal Yadav improvised a lot in the movie.

13. The cliché Rupa joke but in a very different and appealing manner. “Rupa kya hai… Baniyan se shaadi karega tu?”

14. So the scene was set as Rajpal Yadav and Shahid Kapoor’s characters were servants in the house.

They asked for shoe polish, Rajpal said he didn’t know and family members gave him tons of old shoes so that he can learn shoe polish. Later, he said, “Mujhe Kapde dhona bohot achche se aata hai. Mai isko bilkul sikha dunga.” But family members said clothes are costly so better Rajpal do it.

Which one is your favorite?

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