Lout Claims Vaccine Contains Chip


A news report with regards to the UK roll-out of the Coronavirus shot in London earlier today, protected what is being described as a “potentially damaging theory”, after a long-haired lout said he’d be resisting any government requests to be vaccinated because, he stated, it’s got a chip in it.

The man, who looked about twenty-five, and had one of those hairstyles that is described as long and greasy, with a high-forehead middle parting, was asked by just a female reporter from Deutsche Welle, Charlotte Summat-O’rother what his thoughts were with regards to the speed with which the vaccine is developed and made available.

He stated with misplaced assurance:

“I’m not having it. I’ve done my research, yeah? The vaccine … there’s a chip in it.”

The journalist stifled a laugh.

She asked this buffoon where he’d done their ‘research’. He replied:

“YouTube. And Facebook.”

Passers-by might be heard giggling.

The government, however, say it’s no laughing issue, and are planning a public relations campaign to enhance the vaccine amongst doubters in addition to detractors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was on hand to find the first UK vaccination administered to some 90-year-old woman, said:

“That’s ridiculous! There are no chips in the vaccine. Is it likely that I’d lie?”

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